Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is EasyCut available in different languages?

A: Yes, EasyCut is localized in a number of different languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified).

Q: Can I try the software before purchasing?

A: Yes, you can. We offers a 15-day trial for our vinyl cutting software, you can download the product that you want to try out from If you've purchased a license after doing a trial, you just need to activate it with your serial number (no need to reinstall the software).

Q: Will your software work with my cutting plotter?

A: This is possible. our software supports hundreds of vinyl cutters and we're constantly updating our supported devices list. If your cutter isn't listed in our software, please let me know. We'll do our best to support it.

Q: Where do I find the USB-driver for my cutting plotter?

A: The USB driver is normally sent with your cutting plotter on a disk or is available on the website of the cutters manufacturer, or the reseller website. We can sometimes help you to provide the USB driver if you ask us via email. To ensure you are using the latest version of the USB driver, we recommend that you download the driver directly from the cutter manufacturer.

Q: How can I set my cutter with EasyCut?

A: After you launching the software, click on “Cutter” on the top of the software and then click on “My Cutter” and then “Manage Cutters”. From here, choose the “company/brand” of your cuuter and then choose the model of cutter and then click on “Add to List”. Then select the Port to connect your cutter.

Q: Can I upgrade from Standard to Pro?

A: Yes. Just download and install a trial copy of the Pro edition. If you want to upgrade to a professional edition, you will need to pay a difference - $139.95 USD. Upgrading to EasyCut Pro gives you access to more powerful and professional version available.

Q: Why Standard And Pro Versions EasyCut?

A: This gives you the opportunity to choose a program that best suits your requirements and budget. Both versions are available to "Try before you buy" so if you're in any doubt you can try them all and decide which one suits your needs. Click here to see a comparison.

Q: What are the limitations of the Free trial?

A: After 15 days use you will no longer be allowed to use software. When you start software after the trial period has expired you will get the registration window to register and purchase online.

Q: Why is my cutter cutting a horizontal line through my design?

A: The trial version will cut a horizontal line through design as a demo watermark.

Q: When I try to set up my cutter, it is not listed. Is there a generic one I can use?

A: Try the Plotter generic option from the list and see if that will work. If that doesn't work, please let me know what cutting machine model you are using.

Q: Whenever my cutter is cutting, if I navigate to another program on my Mac, the cutting slows down to almost nothing. As soon as I make EasyCut the focus again, it resumes cutting normally. I can’t figure out what might be causing this.

A: You can try to go to the Finder, do a get info on the application and check the Prevent App Nap option and see if that helps.

Q: When I cut it always leave 30 cm in the beginning? This will waste a lot of vinyl. how I fix this?

A: When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, there is a Cut mode settings. If set to WYSIWYG, it will cut wherever you place it on the screen relative to the origin point. If set to Origin Point, it will shift the design and start cutting wherever the origin is set on the cutter.

Q: when I trace a Jpeg image, edges do not cut smooth. Any idea why?

A: When you hit cut to bring up the cut window, try to change the Holder setting to Pen and set the option below to "Draw draw+cut lines".

Q: What am I doing wrong that cut bigger than what I created? my plotter is Graphtec CE5000-60.

A: For Graphtec cutting machines, the step size set in the software cut window must match whatever is set on the Graphtec machine.